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Over 100,000 Colorado residents struggle with a gambling problem. Yet there are few certified statewide providers.

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Supporting Struggling Gamblers

Whether you’re early in your career or a veteran treatment professional, you likely had clients experiencing gambling problems.

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U.S. adults have a gambling addiction
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U.S. adults are at risk

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Like any addiction, gambling disorder causes disruptions to a person’s well-being, job, and relationships. It can mean gambling on blackjack or basketball, slots or scratch-offs. Or something else. Signs of a gambling addiction are often hidden, and can derail recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. 

Take on these odds. The Colorado Provider Free Training Program is offering a FREE, 10-session, 30-hour course to grow your skills in gambling disorder assessment, treatment, and recovery support. Earn up to 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) — 3 CEUs per attendance of each live class — while learning applicable skills from award-winning experts.

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Thanks to generous funding from the Colorado Gaming Commission, The Colorado Provider Free Training Program is free to professionals with the following Colorado credentials: